Feminist: A Dirty Word?
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“Oh, it’s just those feminists complaining again.”

“Shut up with that feminist rubbish.”

“Oh look, here come the angry feminists.”

All of these mocking, demoralising sentences have been said to me in the last year. Just take a second to think about which other words “feminist” could be replaced with in the context of these sentences.

“White supremacist”.



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Wait, you people are here to listen to me?!

Wait, you people are here to listen to me?!

So, I’ve had an unconventional summer. As I am a generally lazy human and managed to forget to book a holiday away with friends, I’ve ended up doing some things that I wasn’t expecting to do, which were quite different to what a lot of my friends have been doing.

So, first up, I spent just under a week working in a primary state school in Gospel Oak. I’m thinking pretty seriously about becoming a…

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On People, Miscommunications and Complications

On People, Miscommunications and Complications

As I was running around today, I bumped into a security guard, who was manning the door of a building I wanted to enter. He made a joke about the food I was carrying. I smiled, and walked into the building. For some reason, this evening I can’t stop thinking about that interaction, and about this security guard and what he represents.

It terrifies me how many people are alive in this world, and…

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An Ode To My Bedroom

An Ode To My Bedroom

It’s funny how quickly a room can go from lived-in to lived-out. Posters come off the wall, furniture is moved out. Books come off shelves and pack themselves into little cardboard boxes. It’s frightening how quickly a room can lose its identity to a few hands and a few boxes. Within minutes, years of collaging and collecting disappears and is foolishly labelled ‘clutter’.

I recently moved out of…

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Journeys of Spirituality

This is going to be a super heavy-going post about Judaism, spirituality and more specifically, my journey relating to both of these things. Just a disclaimer.

I’m not completely sure how to start this post. It makes sense to start at the beginning of the CK Era which is currently occurring, but I believe that my religious journey started a while before I graced the world with my presence. Let’s…

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On Richard Scudamore

For those of you who don’t know, it has just been announced that Richard Scudamore will keep his job as Premier League chief executive. Scudamore was recently ousted by a former secretary, who published sexist emails that Scudamore sent to other colleagues during her time working for him. These emails described women as “gash” – a cringeworthy and unacceptable word for any man to use (especially…

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The First Chapter

Right okay then. This is quite high up on the list of things that simultaneously terrify and excite me.

So, as previously mentioned, I’ve been working on a book for a while now. A while being 2 short years. I have fun.

I’ve sent it in parts to various friends, but it’s been constantly changing and evolving for a long time now. But more on that later.

Without much further ado, here is the first…

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